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Operation & Management Services

Operation & Management Services

Data Center 24 X 7 Operation Monitoring Service Support, for Monitoring Power, Cooling, restoration, safety and security and reporting .

Data center operations is a broad term that includes all processes and operationsperformed within a data center. Typically, data center operations are distributed across several categories such as: ... Management: Creation, enforcement and monitoring of policies and procedures within data center processes.


Operation & Management Services

We are provide Data Center Operation Management by our trained onsite expert Team shall be responsible for the following activities enabling smooth and uninterrupted operations of Data center & NOC Room :

  • Responsible for day to day operations for maintaining the physical security of the Data Center.
  • Responsible for monitoring, recording and reporting usual and unusual movements in and around the Data Center.
  • Monitoring movement of Authorized personnel and maintain logs and registers.
  • Material inward/outward control as per policies set by the IT Department of Client.
  • Monitoring and managing safety and surveillance equipments like CCTV, Access Control, Fire detection and Suppression etc.
  • Issuing access control cards as per approval from the IT Department of CCT.
  • Reporting incidents to the IT Department of Client
  • Co-ordinate with respective Trusted personnel and communicate with Authorized maintenance personnel for various utilities at the Data center as required.
  • Responsible for upkeep of the Data center.
  • Meter readings of main electrical panel in Data Center.
  • Regular checkup of UPS systems and battery.
  • Manage and monitor Diesel level / requirements of the DG Set.
  • Ensure the availability of consumables as required for the physical security of the data center.
  • Functional test of DG Set (stand alone and with load).
  • O&M of Electrical system for comfort ACs, Precision ACs, RO Plant.