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E-Governance Solutions

E-Governance Solutions

Package may refer to: Packaging and labeling, the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use; Package testing, the measurement of a characteristic or property involved with packaging, including packaging Snow and Ice Removals, packaging components, primary packages

The concept of e-service (short for electronic service) represents one prominent application of utilizing the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in different areas. However, providing an exact definition of e-service is hard to come by as researchers have been using different definitions to describe e-service.



A smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. ... Smart city applications are developed to manage urban flows and allow for real-time responses.

Development of Smart Cities is a step in that direction. The Smart Cities Mission is an innovative and new initiative by the Government of India to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local development and harnessing technology as a means to create smart outcomes for citizens.


  • Adequate water supply,
  • Assured electricity supply,
  • Sanitation, including solid waste management,
  • Efficient urban mobility and public transport,
  • Affordable housing, especially for the poor,
  • Robust IT connectivity and digitalization,
  • Good governance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation,
  • Sustainable environment,
  • Safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly, and
  • Health and education.

Command And Control Center

A Command and Control Centre, also known as Premises Operation Centre, is an integral part of Video Management of a System. This facility is highly secured, equipped with state of art Civil, Electrical, IT, Fire Safety, Power Backup and Communication Systems infrastructure. It acts as a Data Centre for Video Storage, Monitoring and Retrieval. It also acts as a Central Monitoring Station for Controlling and Managing operations across the premises.

Since this is a mission critical infrastructure, it becomes imperative to plan for a backup Disaster Recovery Site which takes over in the event of Terrorist Attack, Fire Hazard, Natural calamities or any other event that compromises the functioning of the Main Command and Control Centre.


Network Operation Control Room

NMC monitoring enables you to isolate faults, identify the causes of performance degradation and get immediate notification of problems sent to you via SMS text


NOC provides the following services and capabilities:

  • Housing network switching, routing equipments.
  • Housing server and data storage equipment.
  • Monitoring all backbone links and network devices.
  • Ensuring certain operations of servers.
  • Providing quality support for customers-internal & external.
  • Trouble shooting of all network and system related problems.
  • Trouble shooting of all network and system related problems.

Boardroom Solutions

Simplify and streamline the technology in your boardrooms, conference rooms or throughout the facility. Integrated solutions, simplify installation and practical usage, as well as maintenance and scalability.

Boardroom solutions have evolved far beyond the touchpanel and control system, becoming the definitive source for centrally and globally controlling, managing and presenting information. Control and automate the lights, drapes, screens, thermostats and AV equipment - all from an intuitive easy-to-use touchpanel, remote or custom keypad. Let us take control of the technology so you can focus on your meetings.


  • Video Conference
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Audio/ Video devices
  • Panels
  • Blinds Control
  • Complete control system
  • Touch panel
  • Touch panel

Audio Visual System

In the next few years we shall see explosive growth in the use of video conferencing as a fundamental tool for businesses to enhance communication and collaboration between employees, partners and customers.

With video conferencing becoming a core component of IT infrastructure that enables communication and collaboration, businesses will be looking to providers of telephony, business applications and network infrastructure services to include this capability as part of their offering.

Today's AV products enhance classroom teaching, distance learning, and visual presentation, and have been shown to increase retention and learning outcomes. Audio equipment is smaller yet more powerful. Lecture capture technology allows virtually anyone, anywhere to record, edit, and share content.


Solutions design for the Application area:

  • Conference room set up
  • Class room /auditorium/Training Room
  • Audio & video conference
  • Multimedia learning lab

AV Solutions:-

  • Conference room set up
  • Video Conferencing Solution
  • Board Room Solution
  • PA System
  • Projection Solution
  • Projection Solution